Solitaire Fashion

Solitaire [sol-i-tair] noun - a diamond or other gem beautiful enough to be set in a piece of jewelry by itself

We believe that every woman is a solitaire... Someone so amazingly and wholly beautiful that nothing else is needed to highlight or mask any of their parts. Through our designs we try to bring out the solitaire in everyone. Our clothing is the setting to the beautiful, shining wearer.

Our passion is to create pieces that exemplify and live up to the wearer's own beauty. Our focus is comfort, confidence and art. Our collections feature soft organic fabrics in easy to wear silhouettes. Our pieces and feminine, timeless are sumptuous.

Shamita Khosla is the co-founder and Creative Director of Solitaire. She began her career as a gemologist, critiquing and appraising stones, before getting the chance to design her own jewelry. Her love for design and beauty led her to create the fashion line modeled after her love of gems. Since 1994, she has continued to develop her vision, seeing the development of exquisite fabrics over the years. Today, Solitaire is the outfit you wear to dazzle the casual party crowd. Easy to wear, elegantly feminine, and supremely comfortable.

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